The Bottle Rocket

On the 4th of July quite a few people in our neighborhood did fireworks. A lot of those people went to Wyoming to get their fireworks. We just went to the local fireworks stand. We didn't want no stinking tickets from the coppers.

The next morning Baby found an unlit bottle rocket in our backyard. He was in Illegal Fireworks Heaven. Every year he begs us to go to Wyoming and every year we tell him No.

So, the next day when we went to our friend's house we decided to light the Illegal Fireworks. That way we wouldn't get the ticket if the cops decided to hunt us down. We're smart thinkers like that, letting others take the fall for us.

First order of business was to find something to hold the rocket. Since we don't drink soda from glass bottles anymore I think they're going to have to rename Bottle Rockets to something more relevant to our times. Thank goodness for Mexico Coke or our children wouldn't know what Coke in a Bottle looks like.

Our friend's had this contraption for a legal rocket that they shoot off occasionally.

Baby attempted to light the Firework. He was having a little trouble though.

Olaf came to the rescue.

They finally got it lit! It was a successful Bottle Rocket. Baby was a Happy Illegal Fireworker.


Lonita said...

Missouri is our illegal fireworks haven - we always have tons of illegal fireworks going off in our neighborhood but never a cop car to be seen. Back when I was a kid, my Grandma used to drive to Missouri every year to load up on illegal fireworks - and then would let us kids light off bottle rockets and cherry bombs!

sally said...

I'm so glad he got to light it. I'm dying here because Lonita's Grandma would get the illegal fireworks. She's so cool.

Krissie said...

That looks like so much fun! All of my friends went to the reservations and got illegal fireworks, of course I just go watch and have fun and then leave...just like you!