Teenager Wisdom

As you can see Middle child is becoming a Teenager. He's no longer a sweet-faced little boy. He manages to keep growing as I've talked about before.

But as for the teenager aspect of his growing up, his friends have also become teenagers.

He went to play Night Games last weekend with some friends. He called me for a pick-up rather early on Friday night.

"Why are you coming home so early?" I asked when he called, baffled that he was willingly coming home before midnight.

"There's lightning!" duh?

"Yeah, but can't you go inside and do something for a little while?" still baffled at the early hour.

"His parent's aren't home so we can't go inside."

Ooooohh! I understand now. We sometimes instill the same rule: No friends in the house while parents aren't home. But we and these parents obviously have no such rule for outdoors.

I love Teenage Wisdom.


sally said...

I love that he wanted to come home.
It is still hard to believe how big he is getting.

denverallens said...

That's cute. Remember that when he's being a pain in the ass!