Rainbows for Everyone

What did you do this weekend? This long glorious weekend.
While we did the usual things, fireworks, parades, sleeping in, etc,
we also celebrated a birthday for a dear niece. She turned 1!
So we had to make an awesome cake. Or was it just an excuse?
Homemade butter-cream is always the best.

This sure looks good at three layers.

But we weren't done at three layers!

We finally finished at six layers.

And they were such pretty layers!

A rainbow for the eyes.

Such large slices they didn't fit on a plate.

Was it worth it? Only if you love this face.

Glorious, sweet happiness.

Chunky cheeks eating a layer at a time.

Is it time for cake yet, Mom? I've been waiting and watching all day.

I would call that a stupor of sweetness. Very soon after she was zonked out for the night.


Lonita said...

Love Charlotte's expression in the first pic - she is totally ready to roll!

denverallens said...

That is so cute. My girls all declared they knew what kind of cake they wanted for their birthday now. Great! Now I'll have to make one, or three!

sally said...

Oh the cake was so fun to make, especially if you do it at Donna's house. But that's because everything is funner at Donna's house. Thanks for letting us party at your house, I had a blast.

quilts and quirks said...

The cake is awesome! What a great celebration. Charlotte is so excited about her cake.

Urban Parks said...

Part of it is being at Donna's house and the other part is anytime we have 2 daughters together all inhibitions and lack of confidence go out the window and creativity & confidence come in the front door.