And One Less Tooth

The other day Olaf never showed up for a meeting around lunch time. I didn't think much of it. And then he called me later that day.

"How'd the meeting go?" he asked.

"Oh, fine, nothing exciting," I said. "How's work going?"

"Oh, fine, nothing exciting. Teaching a CPR class right now." Pause. "I had a root canal today."

"Oh, that's right. You were going to the dentist. I'm guessing he felt your tooth wasn't going to make it. So how do you feel?"

"Oh, I'm fine."

"Did you get any good drugs?"

"I haven't filled anything yet."

"That's not what I asked. Did he give you a good prescription?"

"Actually, he said since I haven't needed any pain meds yet he didn't think I'd need much now."

"That's what you get for being a Manly Man, doctor doesn't even give you pain meds!" I have a good laugh. "You know, most people don't go to work after having a root canal. You are crazy."

"Aaahh, it's no big deal."

And that is how Olaf functions on a daily basis. He refuses to feel pain and sickness. It absolutely amazes me. Every. Single. Day.


sally said...

Yeah and sometimes he doesn't even need sleep. These silly boys.

denverallens said...

Wow! I'd definitely be heading home! He is amazing! Every. Single. Day.

Urban Parks said...

Olaf is on the "tough" end of being a guy. Although, as long as it doesn't throb, why not go back to work. Only difference is, I like the meds.

Midwestern Gone Idahoan said...

He might be the ONE man that could have baby!!