The Joker Strikes Again

If you'll remember I posted this little story about Middle Child last year. Well, the little Joker has struck again.

Last week we were somewhere important and I turned my phone off. On the drive back home I turned it back on and hopped on Facebook. Just to see if anything interesting had happened while I was away. To see if anyone had done something fun that I'd missed out on, again. To see if life was still the way it was two hours before. And it was.

But I had a couple notifications for comments on a post I had made several hours earlier. Except I couldn't remember posting anything. So I clicked to see what the hullabaloo was all about. And I started laughing!

I had let Middle Child do some homework on my laptop earlier in the day. And here was the result.

Donna McLean Hansen i love mushy gushy stories and mushy dates

August 26 at 5:17pm  ·  · 

Hopefully I'll learn my lesson the first time. Or is this the second time? I'm already doomed.


sally said...

That boy is too funny. It makes me laugh at how he is always coming up with funny things to say. He keeps life interesting.

Lonita said...

I wondered about that post!Definitely didn't sound like you, but I thought perhaps you'd just been hiding that side of yourself from us all these years. :-) Think you need to get fingerprint technology to log in to Facebook...

michael said...

At least he didn't strike my wife's facebook account again.

denverallens said...

I was totally shocked when I read that. I'm glad you posted this because I never noticed that you commented "Clayton strikes again!" I got to tell you, it's better than getting a call from his teachers!