Make Sure You Log Off of Facebook when Family is Visiting, Especially Sneaky Nephews

We went to Boise for Thanksgiving and Black Friday. It was fun. It was wonderful. I love getting to spend time with my family since I don't get to do it very often.

We stopped by Littlest Brother & his New Wife's apartment to check things out. They have a pretty nice place. They are students and a couple computers were laying around with half finished homework on their screens. Hopefully they saved their work before we showed up.

Later that night my New Sister-in-Law and Littlest Brother stopped by Sister Homemaker's house to visit and eat yet more pie. I ate as much as possible and it still wasn't enough. I love pie.

New Sister-in-Law told us a classic story. They had left the same time as us and when they got home a little later that night she got on her computer and checked out her Facebook page. "Hey! M, why did you change my facebook status? Everyone's gonna hate me!"

He acted a little shocked and replied, "I didn't change it. I didn't touch your computer!"

"Then how did it get changed?"

"I don't know. Are you sure?"

"Oooohh yeeaaahhhh. Your Nephews and Nieces were over. I bet Middle Child did this."

"So what did he change it to?"

"Family visiting. Boring."


denverallens said...

That is sooooo funny! I read the post and thought, 'huh, wierd, must be her family visiting, cuz mine is never boring'. That was my honest thoughts. It makes so much more sense now! FUNNY

Krissie said...

So that was totally my thoughts also. No way is our family boring! But then I was like, I bet hers isn't boring either to her. That's an odd post. Oh well. It makes way more sense now and is super funny!

Lonita said...

Funny! I thought the post seemed odd, too, both for content and grammar. There wasn't any punctuation or verb in it - which seemed like an awfully suspicious post from an English major.

allerkins said...

I'm glad you told the story! It certainly is a classic. I feel very much a part of the family now. I'm sure this is one story I will never forget!

the HeartTongues said...

did y'all go across the Brooklyn Bridge? i wanted to, but then quickly changed my mind...it was a lot longer than i had imagined and it was oh-so FREEZING!!

where is the Paul Frank store?

oh, come ON now, Donna! it's Daniel Craig!! gotta love him--mustache or not--don't ya? ;-)