Our Play & the Day

That first night we headed to Times Square, after grabbing a bite to eat at some local greasy pizza joint down the street.

First thing we saw was the Late Night sign. So we got a picture, a recurring theme to our trip. Then we found this delectable cupcake shop right next door. We stopped every night and got cupcakes except for the night we were too late.

Delicious? You have no idea. They had a pudding/cream center in all of them. If we weren't walking everywhere we would have gained weight.

Then we saw this cool Public Safety Officer. On horseback. In the middle of Times Square. And he was letting everyone take his picture.

The lights are amazing. Remember, this is a Wednesday night. Not very busy at all. Friday night was crazy and Saturday was worse.

And on our way back there were more Horse Policemen. So we got another picture.

The next morning we got up early, especially since it was two hours ahead of our time. And we were out the door by 9am. Pretty dang proud of our earliness because we are all sleeper-inners. First stop, tickets to the Empire State Building. So we walked to the Subway and found Columbus Circle, one of our Nation's first Roundabouts. Right there next to Central Park.

A view of Columbus Circle from across the street.

I told them there was art everywhere. EVERYWHERE. But I don't think they understood yet. Then we descended into the depths to ride the subway. Not the prettiest place in NYC. But so functional and wonderful cuz then you don't have to drive anywhere in that town. We got out by Madison Square Gardens, checked it out and walked over to the Empire State Building. We got in the nonexistent line surrounded by miles of cordons for the lines later in the day. Since no one was there we decided to go up to the top right then and there. A view from that far up shows you how large the city really is. In order to go up to the top you have to run through security, just like the airports. MiL brought her bandage scissors, just in case we needed them. And of course the guards had to stop her and question her boss as to whether they were permissible. Which, of course, they are.

There's no point on these things.

Looking North

Chrysler Building

This is looking South

The Macy's store

All of us. I think I look a little crazy in all the pictures, I'm apologizing now. Just blot my face from your memories.

The inside of the building

After we went through the tourist areas I got a text from Sister Accountant reminding me the Boy Scout of America (BSA) shop is IN the Empire State Building. So we went to the front desk, showed them our photo id's and after they punched in all our info, they printed us a boarding pass for the massive bank of elevators.

We did a lot of things that first day, as we did every day. But we visited St. Patrick's Cathedral. Gorgeous.

I even lit a candle for one of the Saints, don't remember which one, but he seemed the most appropriate for me.

We also visited Rockefeller Center. Alec Baldwin was there filming for 30 Rock. They were filming the Christmas episode because when the filming was done they took down all the Christmas decorations. And I thought they were just getting an early start.

Then we ran home and got ready for A Steady Rain, the play we were coming to see. It had Daniel Craig and Hugh Jackman as it's only cast. It was awesome. It was worth it. We were so close we could see them without glasses or binoculars.


Tim said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Jealous you saw Alec on 30 Rock as it is one of my favorite shows right now.

quilts and quirks said...

I've been waiting for this post!! Thanks for all the pictures. They are great. The cathedral is beautiful. The horsemen are great. And Alex Baldwin. Plus, the play you have been waiting for. Yea.

sally said...

It sounds like a blast. Thanks for sharing.

Petit Elefant said...

I am SO glad you had so much fun! This means that you'll want to go again {with me} in the next couple of years! And NYC cupcakes? Not quite as good as yours but still to die for!

denverallens said...

Yummmmm! I need cupcakes!

Donna said...

PE - I will go to NYC with you anytime! And anyone else for that matter!

the HeartTongues said...

i think we should plan a 'Bunco gals' trip to NYC!! ;-) maybe we all could even fit in an apartment like the one you stayed in... i second what Tim said; i so, SO enjoy 30 Rock! and i'm kinda envious you got to see a celebrity.. and i'm with you on St. Patrick's! i didn't go in, but still.