For All Those Women Who Don't Love Football

I love watching my kids play football, flag or tackle. But that's about as far as it goes. I have never figured that dang game out! It is so complicated and it lasts eternally long. And to actually go to a game you have to brave the elements which always try to make you wish you weren't there. It's always hot and sunny or cold and wet, whether that be rain or snow. But I still love watching my kids play football. It's not nearly as complicated and even though I don't understand it when they get older it's fun to cheer for my boy and his team.

While the family was in Idaho for The Wedding of my Littlest Brother and his Fiance my other Brother discovered he has a Friend in Sports with his Brother-in-Law, Sister Homemaker's Hubby. I'm not sure if he totally understood how much they had in common until this weekend. While most of us were filling our time with family and wedding, my Brother and Brother-in-Law were spending it bonding over sports. They even went to the local Sports Bar to catch some early games before the wedding reception.

Later in the day as most people had left to help set up for the Wedding Reception I was home with Olaf and these two Sports-Loving Men. They were all sitting around watching some football game. I decided to clean up the basement since Sister Homemaker was due to have a baby at any minute and couldn't bend over to save her life. I was eavesdropping on their football conversation, amazed that Olaf knew what they were talking about and could discuss football somewhat intelligently. (We don't watch sports at this house)

While they were talking about the Quarterback I interjected, "Isn't he the one that runs the ball?"

"No, they hike the ball to him and he throws it to someone else, maybe occasionally he runs it, but not often." And I may not even remember this conversation accurately.

"So he doesn't have to run, he mainly throws the ball."


"So he's one of the bigger guys."


"Well, it seems like all the football players are big, venturing on fat, except the runners aren't quite as fat."

Chuckles and laughter all around at my knowledge of football. "So, you're saying football players are lumped in two categories; 1) Big and Fat, and 2) Just Big."

"Yep, that's pretty much how I see it."

And that summarizes My Knowledge of Football.


Lonita said...

Oh, I am so with you. I cannot muster up the energy to care, particularly for such an eternally long game. Unfortunately, as you know, I am trapped in a football-watching household...and currently, a baseball-watching home as well, another sport with eternally long games. Thank goodness it will be backetball season instead soon.

quilts and quirks said...

Football has never made sense to me. It seems to be something to occupy men's minds while food is cooking or baking at home or a restrauant.

sally said...

I have never understood football and thought I married a man that didn't like football. He surprised me when we graduated and he started watching it! The other day I commented in surprised shock that football was still going? He looked at me and told me I was the worst wife ever. He then said football doesn't end till your birthday. Yes that's right if everything works out Super bowl Sunday is on my birthday - talk about worst birthday ever!!!!

Donna said...

Sally - That is hilarious that Superbowl is on your birthday. Now if there's a silver lining to the whole fb season it is the Superbowl, a good excuse for a party with great commercials between plays.

Tim said...

I have to comment that Lonita and I would not be together if not for football. So I am not sure she is complaining about being married as well.

SamBamby said...

Can't say I hate football (I think that would be a sin with my upbringing) I never really understood it until this last year. My hubby made me join his fantasy league with his buddies (So he could have a better chance of winning) Ever since then I have really gotten into it! It surprised me at how simple it turned out to be. It has actually made me start looking forward to Mondays!