Like Mother, Like Daughter

The weekend is over. My little brother is married. The whole family got together and had some fun. We stayed with Sister Homemaker, who's about to have a baby. When we checked in at the temple for the wedding, the cute little old guy at the front door took one look at her and said "We don't have an OB on staff today." She laughed and walked on in. I don't know if he was joking.

Several days later I was hanging out in the basement with Olaf, Big Little Brother, and Sister Homemaker's Hubby. Somehow Sister Homemaker's antics as a child came up in conversation. Her Hubby found out that his second daughter, A, is much like his wife.

"You know, Sister Homemaker was the Drama Queen at our house."

Hubby, "No way! A is our Drama Queen!"

"When she would get in trouble and sent to her room she wrote notes and sent them downstairs. They usually said 'No one loves me" or "I'm gonna run away!'"

Hubby, "You don't say! A does the same thing!"

"You know, Sister Homemaker thought she was always getting picked on and it was always someone else's fault, never her's."

Hubby, "Oh my gosh! A is just like that! I'm not stopping her anymore! Sister Homemaker gets to deal with A as payback!"

Sorry Sister Homemaker, it looks like your Hubby might not run interference anymore. Hopefully A is still around when we come up for Thanksgiving. If you've had it she can come home with us.


Lonita said...

So funny - I love the notes she sent downstairs. It's a good thing you guys have a big family, so she always had someone to deliver them for her!

denverallens said...

Yeah, our Meagan is that way. You read what she wrote on her whiteboard when you were here! Hello! I asked her about it and she said it was how she felt when she was grounded to her room. I don't think anyone would take notes for her!

mommybake said...

It is good that I have so many siblings so that they can help me remember my childhood!! Love it!!