Freeing Middle Child

Back in the day when I worked at the Copy Shop Olaf would watch the kids, First Born was 3 and Middle Child was almost 1. I worked days and he worked swings and we would meet in the middle and swap the children out. We had just bought our first and only house that week. Olaf had been home in the daytime painting so we could move in at the end of the week. We bought our house As-Is and it was in need of lots of TLC, but then it still is.

I got a call from Olaf. I could hear children crying in the background, not a very good sign. "You First Born needs to tell you something."

There was lots and lots of crying. First Born was sobbing, "I don't wanna tell her!" sniffle, slobber, sob. This went on for some time.

Finally Olaf got back on the phone. "What is going on there? Why is he so upset? Is he OK?"

"Yes, he is just fine. But he ruined the playpen." The pack-n-Play, the first version available in Utah. I had to have it when I was pregnant with First Born. It was twice the cost of a regular playpen but it was so cool and folded up so small. I could take it anywhere!

"I had Middle Child downstairs napping when I heard him crying because he woke up. I went down to get him and found First Born. With a knife. The sides of the playpen were shredded. And there was blood everywhere. (I had visions of movie murder scenes) I looked all over Middle Child, sure that First Born had stabbed him. But I couldn't find any blood on him. Finally I found some on First Born. Apparently First Born heard Middle Child crying and was trying to help and get him up. But as you know he's much too small to get him out. So he got the knife and cut the sides open. But unfortunately he cut his finger, but not badly. He just spread the blood everywhere so it looked like a lot more. First Born is very sorry he ruined your playpen and he's in a bit of trouble for using a knife."

And that began First Born's obsessions with knives. He loved them. He had tons. He used to sneak them out whenever he could. I remember getting a call from another Mom, "He's got 4, count them, 4, knives in his socks and underwear!"


denverallens said...

sometimes it's better that small children can't remember. that might have scared middle child for life! I remember when that happened. So funny. But secretly, I was FREAKING out!

Lonita said...

Oh, boy, how did Calvin ever manage to steer clear of all the zero-tolerance rules around now with that many knives? That's funny about the pack-n-play - Joshua often screams bloody murder when he's in ours. I bet he'd give anything for a big brother who'd help him out - and destroy the thing at the same time. :-)

sally said...

I remember taking Jay over to your house after this had happened - I believe you had just moved in. It was the weekend we came down to Utah and you let us stay at your house Saturday night (I'd only been dating him a week at that point - don't tell my kids). The pack and play was in your basement all cut up and pretty scary looking. Jay and I looked at each other. I asked you what had happened. You replayed the story of Calvin rescuing his little brother from sleeping in the playpen. Oh heavens Calvin so cute that weekend. I remember Jay & I were going dancing that night and I was all dressed up and Chris saw me and said maybe he should get his gun to scare Jay and I said no Jay's a good guy. But Calvin came in and told me I was pretty. Then the next morning he was snacking on my snacks from driving down to your house. I asked him what time it was and he told me 9 o'clock. I didn't know he had no idea how to tell time, he passed it off so convincingly.

Krissie said...

That is so funny! I'm so glad that everyone was safe, because it is super scary, but reminiscing about it is funny.

Urban Parks said...

Another Classic Calvin tale. There was just never a dull moment around your house and I know, cause I spent a few days with you all over the years. Thank you for the memory.

allerkins said...

That is a great story. What a sweet boy, to want to help his little brother out so bad he'd even destroy the playpen and cut his own finger to do it!