Happy Blue Critters

Remember these Happy Critters from Saturday morning cartoons?

They're Smurfs and I loved the cartoon.

Every Saturday I would watch to see what mishap would befall them this week.

One day my parents took us to FAO Schwartz in Las Vegas.
The kids scoured the store. There were so many cool things!
All useless, expensive toys. Have I told you I hate buying toys?

I saw the price tags for stuff the boys would actually use. And
then couldn't rationalize buying something cheap we didn't need,
like another stuffed animal. Have I told you I hate stuffed animals?

I've thrown away garbage bags of stuffed animals. I've donated
bags full of them to the police. So we left with nothing.

Well, almost nothing. I couldn't help myself.
And Olaf just groaned when I showed him my brand new purchase.


mommybake said...

I love them!! I have been trying to get my boys into them:) The cartoon comes on at 3 or 4pm here!!Who doesn't love the smurfs?!? (Don't know if I spelled that right!!)

sally said...

I saw you could buy smurf stuff at walmart. But honestly it was too expensive for toys that the kids don't even know the characters. Did you know on my spell check they want to correct walmart and replace it with Waldemar. That would be a better name for walmart any day.

Krissie said...

I love the Smurfs!

michael said...

Those smurf toys look pretty awesome. I think your husband's pretty lucky to have those in his house.

denverallens said...

Who doesn't love smurfs? Seriously some of the coolest blue dudes I know.

Lonita said...

These are pretty sweet. I loved the Smurfs as a kid. My stuffed Smurfette doll is still probably around my parents' house somewhere...

Urban Parks said...

Smurfs, nerfs, slerfs. I hate the smurfs. They drove me right up the wall when they were on television. I would leave the room. Maybe that's why you kids liked them so well.