The Bottomless Pit

One week Calvin came home from school and told me he needed more lunch money.

"But I just sent you with a month-size check less than two weeks ago! What happened to all that money? Did you eat lunch twice every day?"

"Well, I turned in the lunch money. I don't know why it's all gone. I think someone was watching me from behind one day and got my code. I'm sure that kid is using it too."

That didn't seem real plausible but I went with it. I believe my teenage boy. The next morning I called the school to talk to the lunch ladies and find out why Calvin was out of money. I explained the story I was told and was greeted with laughter.

"That's a good story but he's been coming in for breakfast for the past three weeks now. Boy, he's pretty original! Have to give him credit for that story!"


Lonita said...

Ha! Pretty ingenious story. Guess it's just a good thing the school didn't also serve dinner and snacks - or he would have had to find a set of triplets to blame it on.

denverallens said...

Sydney was eating breakfast at school too. I recently checked why I kept getting debited out more money for her lunches. Grrrr. It sure does eat your money up a lot faster!

mommybake said...

I hear you!! Ellen was doing that for awhile also - but in Caldwell, they got free breakfast - in Meridian, we have to many rich kids:) So it is back to cost money!!

Krissie said...

That's funny!

sally said...

I love how Calvin was so good at always tells stories. Remember when you were at his wrestling match and he told someone he rode his bike to the meet alone and that his Uncle Shaun was there. I loved his stories because I remember all the good Monster stories him and Clayton came up with.