Tank the Friendly Dog

Tank is a very friendly dog. He loves people. Some friend's tended him while we were gone to that Family Reunion in Fillmore and brought him to their house a few times. Everyone in the family keeps begging their Mom for a dog and she keeps telling them "NO!" Turns out her hubby was taking a nap while Tank was roaming their house. He woke to being covered in dog slobber as Tank was gazing sadly, as usual, into his eyes. Then he remembered, "Now I know why I don't want a dog." I guess that Mom will be at peace for a few weeks.

Tank is normally locked in the backyard whenever we are gone, hence the reason my friends brought him to their house, they felt sorry for the poor guy. And even though he gets walked regularly he makes a run for it anytime someone leaves a door open. He's escaped three times when we weren't able to track him down immediately. The first two times we got calls from people within two blocks of our house.

The first time I went to get him Baby and I walked since it was so close. The lady was out in her front yard and her kids were in the back of their truck and the younger one was crying. I thought 'Oh no, Tank's scaring her kids.' She very kindly gave me Tank back and informed me that the crying little girl was sad because they couldn't keep Tank. I felt much better. Normally Tank doesn't scare people but you never know.

The last time Tank got out we didn't even know it had happened. About 15 minutes after we put him in the backyard we got a call on our home phone. Middle Child answered and whispered to me since I was on my own phone, "Tank got out!" I told him to get the address and we'd come right over. He jotted down the address, grabbed the leash, and we were off. I headed to the corner where he was waiting for us, expecting one of the houses on the corner to be waiting for us to save them from this friendly hound. Not so. There was the Animal Control Officer on the side of the road holding Tank's collar. I was still on the phone and groaned, "Gotta let you go, the cops have my dog!" I got out expecting a fine or at least a lecture but thankfully the Officer was on his own phone. I thanked him gratefully and Tank ran to get in our truck since that mean Officer wouldn't let the hairy dog in his backseat.

I wonder why there are packs of dogs roaming the city and yet every time my dog gets out we instantly get a call to come and get him. Then I remembered, Tank is a very friendly dog. He's trying to make friends and get more car rides.


sally said...

He certainly is a friendly dog. I just adore how he's adopted Chas as his little boy. I can't believe he lets Chas eat right in front of him and he doesn't try to eat his food. Or I also love that he didn't take the penguin away from Chas once he realized it was Chas's toy.

Krissie said...

Tank sounds like a great dog. I can't wait to see Tank!