A Picture story

This week I've dedicated to Calvin. Hope you enjoy the memories.

Playing Sister Accountant's flutey type instrument

At Fort Know with Grandpa

On a tractor the farmer left in the field by our house

Holding a newborn Middle Child

Checking out Santa cuz it's Olaf and he knows it!

Making scrambled eggs

Halloween Pirate costume

Family picture

Boys playing in puddles

Hanging around

Giving Middle Child rides

A Pirate Rollerblader

First Snowman of the year

First day of Kindergarten

Loving Jill's dog

Playing with toads at my Aunt's house in California

That rock in Yellowstone

First Y Hike

Holding a newborn Baby

Camping at Whitney reservoir

Learning how to give Middle Child piggybacks

Making a whip cream and jam bagel

Riding horses

Rub a dub dub, three boys in the tub

He wasn't always happy!

His first hunt with Olaf

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth!

2002 Olympics

Super Calvin

Ring bearer for his Uncle's wedding

Catching the pig at Sister-in-Law Farmer's house

An aerospace museum somewhere, I've lost track we've been to so many!

His awesome castle he built

First day of Cub Scouts, notice the knife on his belt?

Hansen cousins

With his Grandparents and cousins

Camping and 4-wheeling

Another Halloween costume, no he didn't dress like this regularly

Ring-Around-the-Rosy, Baby's favorite game

One of his many basketball games

Arches National park

All the boys at Kennecot, largest open pit mine in the world

Helping rip out the wall at Grandma's house

One of his favorite Halloween costumes, Jedi Calvin

A Tutu wearing Football player for his school's Christmas play

In trouble with the Law!

Him and his best buds after another winning season of Baseball

A filthy 4-wheeling trip

Driving Baby around

Carving pumpkins

Him and his Pal raking up leaves for Baby to jump in, can you find Baby?



His bowling birthday party

His Listening Device he made for the Science Fair

A shotgun his Grandparent's got him for his 12th birthday and Christmas

Hiking with Cousin T

Shooting paper wads in a muzzle loader

Washing the truck after another campout

Mesa Verde

Sworn in as a Junior Ranger in Mesa Verde

His first Tackle Football year

A boy and his dog

Shooting guns with the cousins and uncles

Hematite necklace

Another Y Hike

Grandpa tying his tie

That rock in Yellowstone six years later

Buffaloes on Parade

A teenage messy room

Guitar concert

Hoover Dam

Another Scout camp, playing with fire, again!

Calvin and Middle Child enjoying Jones' sodas in front of our snow drifts

Me, graduating college, Finally

My sweet boys

A Rabble-Rousing Family

Another trip to Moab

His first hunt where he was the Hunter

His first Deer


mommybake said...

It is amazing to see him grow! He got big so fast!! We love you buddy!

sally said...

So many wonderful memories. I had forgotten those cute adorable baby faces and it was wonderful to see them again. By the way it not a flute, it's a clarinet and now my kids love doing what he is doing in that photo. Suzanne is right he grew up so fast. Did you change the music to reflect the songs he liked? We love Calvin so much & really do miss him, how has a year gone by so quickly?

quilts and quirks said...

Thanks for sharing these photos of Calvin. i loved looking at them and remembering some of the events. We really do love him and miss him.

denverallens said...

What cute pictures. Like Sally, I forgot what they all looked like little. I'm looking forward to a weeks worth of photos! We miss him so much. Thanks for sharing.

Urban Parks said...

Thank you Donna. This is so appropriate as we ponder on how this last year has changed our lives forever. There is a tug in our hearts that will always be there, but there is joy in having known and loved Calvin. It is a joy that can overcome the pain of his loss. Not a visit to the Temple goes by without me thinking of Calvin and of all of you as I am reminded of the eternal nature of our families and the promises we have received. God Bless.

Petit Elefant said...

Oh Donna what cute pictures! Made me cry, I'll admit it.

Lonita said...

Such cute pictures. Calvin sure managed to pack a lot of life and fun into a short time. I love the picture of Calvin and Boomer asleep together.

Krissie said...

Such great pictures! I can't believe how fast Calvin grew up.

Donna said...

Sally- I knew it had a name, I just couldn't think of it. And I changed the first song to one we both liked last year because it always reminds me of him. Not only did he like it I had to get the guitar music for him so he could learn it.

sally said...

Donna that is so cool he needed the guitar music because he liked it so much. That is so McLean of him. I just remembered you talking about his favorite Green Day song the last time we were there.

the HeartTongues said...

thanks for sharing...oh, how i love photographs!!