Day 2 and How We Had Way Too Much Fun in a Museum

The second full day in NYC found us waking up early, again! Wow, we must have had a lot to do to get up early so often. The night before we had Grand Visions of going to the Ticker-Tape Parade for the NY Mets who had just won the World Series Wednesday night. But as we were watching the Thursday evening news to find out location, time, etc, we saw scads of people sleeping overnight in order to get a good seat for the parade. Then it hit us, We are in a City 10 times more populated than our whole state. Like we would ever get close enough to even see anything! We quickly changed plans and decided to avoid Downtown at all costs. So we headed North. First stop was the LDS temple in NYC. The cool thing is that not only does this building house a temple but also a meeting house.
Then we walked to the American Museum of Natural History

We were greeted at the front door by this giant, headless skeleton!

Oh, wait, he does have a head! It's just way up in the clouds. "How's the weather up there?"

MiL by some Ancient Tablet

Helkp! We're surrounded by Roving Elephants!

And monstrous tusks!

Dum Dum wants some Gum Gum.
Sent this to Middle Child and he violated every cell phone rule
at school and was a big hit with everyone who'd seen Night at the Museum.

Hopefully this guy won't eat us! He's pretty big!

Giant, extinct turtle about to give me a kiss!

MiL & SiL amongst the Mammoths

I told them not to get so close, it's spearing them like marshmallows!

Hope I don't see any of these monstrous moose in our mountains!

Giant Scary Shark, please don't eat us!

Ginormous crab walking our way!

Then we went and stood in a freezing line to get tickets for Mary Poppins. Afterwards we got Pizza to warm our chilly bones. It worked. Unfortunately this is the only pic we got of the place. It was huge and busy. Help! I'm not in Kansas anymore!

Mary Poppins!

The theater was so cute!

Look at all the pretty details!

SiL & I enjoying the show

Then, since we were already in Times Square we got some more cupcakes. Yummm......

Aren't you jealous? If I could bring one thing home with me for keeps.
Then it was off to bed with full tummies for another busy day tomorrow!


quilts and quirks said...

Great photos. Especially from the Museum of Natural History. Clayton must have been so happy with your text.

Lonita said...

Fun pictures. How did Chris feel about you cavorting with another (granted, extinct and reptilian) man on your weekend away?

sally said...

I need to get my hands on some of those cupcakes!

the HeartTongues said...

wait a minute... the Yankees won the World Series, did they not??

i did some sealings at the temple. one of my most favorite interiors now!

heard fabulous things about Mary Poppins--lucky you!