Reasons Why I Will Never Quit Attending Church (and it ain't the preaching)

  1. Seeing the Media in attendance to dig up dirt on someone who unfortunately was part of a highly publicized event
  2. Children punching one of their siblings at the end of the Mother's Day song (yes, my children)
  3. Listening to someone discuss the feelings of Darkness and Evil that they felt emanating from the city their plane was descending into which happened to be Pre-Katrina New Orleans (they didn't even make it to the French Quarter)
  4. Children singing extra loud and out of key
  5. Confessions of recent adultery announced over the pulpit while their spouse was in attendance
  6. A stranger coming in, asking some questions, sitting down on a row obviously saved for a large family, getting up, and fleeing with someone else's purse from that row
  7. Checking out who has had the latest boob job
  8. Watching random children running all over the chapel, during church, and attempting to plunk out a tune on the piano before the parents can whisk the child away
  9. Viewing all the Girls' Prom dresses the day after Prom


michael said...

so do these boob jobs happen often? I don't think i've ever seen one at church, but i'm pretty much don't pay attention to people either at church.

Donna said...

Mike - Depends on your neighborhood. I've heard some women say every Sunday they check out who's had the latest plastic surgery.

mommybake said...


allerkins said...

This made me laugh very much! Especially number 3. I love people's comments about those "evil" cities and the natural disasters that are "judgements" on them! All very good reasons to keep going to church, I agree.

Krissie said...

Some of the best reasons to stay at church!

Petit Elefant said...

oh my heavens. yes, i'll be sitting right next to you watching the spectacles unfold.

Lonita said...

Very funny. Yeah, 1 of the things I look forward to at church each week is when they bring the kids upfront for the children's message. Then it's just waiting to see which kid is first to do something like pull their dress over their head or blurt out an embarrassing revelation about their family.

sally said...

I remember some of these events myself. Truly too fun. I love coming to your ward, it's way more entertaining then mine. But then I do believe one of the reasons to come to church came from my ward!

Donna said...

Yes it was Sally, that one is priceless. I only wish I had been visiting that Sunday.