The Donor Wall Ceremony

Early this year I submitted Calvin's name to be put on the Celebration of Life Monument in Salt Lake City. This last Saturday was the unveiling ceremony.

There were a lot of people there, the biggest crowd they've had yet.

The had a harpist playing beautiful music. It was a nice day although quite windy, check out her hair.

We got there early because I didn't know where to park and wanted to make sure we had time to walk in case we had to hike a few blocks.

So the kids had time to lay in the shade in the grass before it all started.

Baby brought Froggy, I think he needed a little extra support this day.

Here's Middle Child leaning on the wall, patiently waiting to see Calvin's name. It was so busy we left, ate lunch, and came back later to get pictures.

Like I said it was a warm day so the kids played in the fountain when we came back.

Middle Child and Cousin T were playing just a little in the water.

Baby had to get soaked. It's just his style.

I had never seen the Donor Memorial before. I thought it was really neat looking. There are a lot of names etched on the surface.

A friend of our's donated a kidney to her brother last year. We got a picture of her name too.

Then we finally got a decent picture of Calvin's name. While the monument is beautiful it's hard to get pictures.

It was really neat to see his name in print, honoring his donation. It'll be there whenever anyone wants to come and see it.

And we even managed to get on TV again, without even trying and without our knowledge. Someone else pointed it out to us. Check around the 30 second mark.

Video Courtesy of KSL.com


Krissie said...

That is such a pretty memorial! I can't wait to come up next time and go see it. The funny thing is, the picture with the name of your friend who donated an organ, it also has David's aunt full name on it! I'm pretty sure it's not really davids aunt, but it made us laugh. :) Good job on getting on the news...again!

Lonita said...

What a beautiful memorial. I love the greenery behind Calvin's name - such a beautiful reminder of how he lives on.

quilts and quirks said...

This is a very nice monument and a tribute to Calvin's life of helping and giving to others. I know he is helping others right now.

Urban Parks said...

It looked like a beautiful ceremony and it's a real testimony to the work that so many people showed up. I'm sure it was a hard thing to do, but you keep finding ways to honor Calvin and keep him an active part of our family. We are so glad you are doing these types of things. Your boys will forever remember these experiences and their older brother. We are so proud of your whole family and the blessings that have come to our families because of you.

denverallens said...

I'm with dad here, I love all the ways you find to honor Calvin and keep him an active part of your/our family. The missionaries were over today and we got on the subject of Calvin and we proudly showed them the boys' picture, hanging in our familyroom with the Alyssa/Calvin photos below. I was proud to tell them about the ceremony and all the people he had helped. It's hard to tell others, but it's therapeutic as well. Next month when we let balloons go to Heaven, like Sydney said, I hope they get there! Love you guys!

Donna said...

Thanks everyone for your support.

Krissie - Middle Child's name is also on the monument somewhere. It's not him but he finds it highly amusing. I should have gotten a shot of that too.

Potter Family said...

How amazing! I didn't even know they had something like that. What a beautiful way to remember him, for all to remember him. Thank you for sharing, Donna!

sally said...

I'm so glad the event turned out nice. Like everyone else said, your family is doing a great job continuing his legacy and remembering him regularly.