Look What Facebook Started

It all started with a simple Facebook post:

"I think I need cowboy boots, hat & belt buckle for next year's rodeo"

And my Uncle went to work. He told me he collected belt buckles. I had no idea! He offered me a belt buckle for next year. I was kind of excited. My very own belt buckle!

Last week I got a package. It was from Maryland. I knew it was from my Uncle! I opened it up and found these really cool belt buckles. They are for the boys. The buckles are incredible! I love the color.

I love the designs. I love the animals. Both the boys loved them. Instantly Baby wanted the Eagle and I was a little worried Middle Child would want it too. But he wanted the Armadillo. I shouldn't be surprised, he would be more apt to like the unusual animal; for example, hippos are his favorite animal.

My Uncle told me the belt buckle I picked out was big. And he was right! It's over 5 inches long. And it is so intricately detailed.

I love all the swirls etched into the silver backing. I love the gold Steer head and horns. I love long-horned steers. There's a few south of town that I gawk at every time I head to the quilt store. It's the second best part of going to the quilt store.

But I digress. I love my belt buckles! I can hardly wait for the next rodeo. I may have to wear it to the demolition derby next week. Just to practice wearing cowboy clothes. I've never been to a Demolition Derby so I don't know the proper fashion etiquette. I clueless as to whether Cowboy clothes are worn like they are to the rodeo. But it is Spanish Fork. I could wear it to church and no one would notice.


Tim said...

Nice buckles!

sally said...

Uncle Dennis rocks! Those are the funnest belts ever. I want to see action shots of the family wearing them. Those are so cool.

allerkins said...

I'm totally jealous of Clayton's armadillo buckle! Coolest thing ever!!

denverallens said...

He does rock! Those are so cool! You are going to be a bonified cowgirl next year! I've got a great pair of boots, but no buckle.

quilts and quirks said...

I love the buckles also. I can totally see you wearing them to church Donna. And it would look great on you.