The Black Thumb

I love pretty yards. I love flowers. I love greenery. I love a lush lawn. I love trees and shade. And I have none. You see, I have a Black Thumb. God may have given me the ability to Cook and Bake, but He left me out on Gardening Day. He didn't see fit to endow me with enough talent to grow anything. And the once in a while when things start growing well, something else happens.

Like a nasty, gusty, wind-whipping, windstorm.

Good night. I'm gonna go cry now.


denverallens said...

That's so sad! That tree was showing so much promise! I think I might cry too! That must have been gale force winds in Spanish!

Urban Parks said...

You have the same "white" thumb your mother has and should be proud of it. However, you have NO control over the weather. It's not your fault. Now, go find a tree that is more flexible and will grow strong. From the looks of it, the wind was swirling, and that makes it more powerful.

sally said...

Jay and I were both sad to see the tree go. It takes so long to even get the trees that big.