Happy Anniversary! from the Kids

For my anniversary my kids decided to surprise me.

With a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant you ask? No.

With movie tickets to a new movie? No.

With breakfast in bed? No.

With a clean house? Almost, but not quite.

They wanted to surprise me with one of their favorite activities.

Laser Tag! The game of Champions! And Little Boys! and Husband who haven't grown up!

Remember how they surprised me? I wasn't dressed appropriately at all. I had a white t-shirt on. And heeled sandals. But thank goodness no one else was really dressed for the event either.

First thing I noticed were the black socks. "What? Is he trying to be Middle Child on Sunday?" You see MC may change all of his clothes after church but he leaves his black socks on and I laugh. Every Single Sunday. Olaf replied that he is in Laser tag mode.

At least MC's friend is also wearing a white shirt. And he even knew what we were doing! Obviously not a veteran.

And Olaf was just dressed in regular clothing. He must have felt sorry for me and decided not to go all black and beat everyone.

They called our names too quickly for me to have someone snap my pic so I had to do it in the mirror at home. Notice the heel on the sandal? You may think that's nothing but you probably wear heels on a regular basis. I do not.

So they quickly called our names and paired us with three other people. The kids decided that a Kid v. Adult game was in order. There were four of each so it worked out perfectly. After telling us no running, no foul language, no hitting, etc. etc. etc. they let us out! Or should I say in?

I haven't played laser tag in probably 15 years. The sport has come a long ways. No more recharging. Much more flexible shooting. In all, it was FUN!

And somehow Middle Child got First Place. I think it's all those video games. Maybe he can be a fighter pilot one day.


Lonita said...

What a romantic anniversary surprise! :-)

Urban Parks said...

It will be an anniversary you won't forget. They said "I love you" by letting you play one of their favorite games. I think that is pretty cool.

sally said...

At least you played in style. That is really cute that they wanted to surprise you, plus it's just good times.