Bittersweet First Day of School

School started this week. Glorious Day! 

I took Middle Child over to the Junior High and dropped him off. I didn't even try to go in with him to meet his teachers or anything. Restraint is my middle name.

Then I took Baby over to the elementary school. We got to take him in and drop him off in his chair and even get a picture! He isn't embarrassed by his parent's presence yet. I've only got another year or two and then he will be, so I have to take advantage of this opportunity.

But we didn't get to take anyone to High School. Calvin would have started High School. He would have been signing up for Driver's Ed and Chemistry and Seminary and Dating 101. It was an "Oxymoron Day" as Middle Child would have called it, he loves big words. I can't believe that all those kids his age are in High School now. Whenever I see them I can't believe how big they have gotten. But then I remind myself that Calvin would be big like them also, and so handsome, like all his friends.

And then I remember how many lives he touched before he left us, so many I can't even believe it. And he even touched a few more lives after he left. By donating his organs he was able to give two people Sight, something they hadn't had in a while or possibly ever. It was a wonderful gift.

Early this year I sent in his name to the Celebration of Life Monument. It is a memorial for organ donors, living and deceased. The request even had to be notarized. This weekend they are having an unveiling ceremony for all the new names. We'll be there to see the monument for the first time. I'll post some pictures next week. In the meantime, enjoy your little ones! Hug them tight tonight!


Urban Parks said...

This is a bittersweet day for all of us. I found myself in tears again as I read your blog, but I also rejoiced in how Calvin, even now, continues to bless others. I look forward with excitement to see your photos from this weekend. We love you and are constantly amazed by your strength. People here know of Calvin and the great influence he has had on our lives and others. Thank you Donna for all you and "Olaf" have done. He will never be forgotten as long as their is a McLean and Hansen.

Lonita said...

Wow, it's hard to believe that Calvin would have been in high school by now. I'm sure he'd be charming all kinds of girls with his sweet smile. It's wondeful what a huge difference he was able to make in people's lives while he was here and even after he was gone.

denverallens said...

Calvin is always and forever special in our hearts and lives. I'm so glad he was able to give the gift of sight to people that needed it. I'm so glad he was able to touch their lives. What a nice memorial for organ donors and their families. I love that idea. Looking forward to the pictures.

Oh, Sydney randomly said yesterday, "I hope our balloons reach Heaven this year so Calvin can have them. He can share them with his friends."

Morgana said...

Beautiful thoughts Donna. I miss you so much. My Grandpa died yesterday so, I am in a mournful mood also. Sad yet glad and appreciative for the people in our lives. I will hug my kids especially long today.

sally said...

I will hug my little ones extra hard today, especially since Chas has been in big boy undies all day and hasn't had one accident!!!!

We miss Calvin greatly but I know he's busy at work too. I also look forward to pics from this weekend. I love you.

Midwestern Gone Idahoan said...

You know that Calvin would be a ladys man!! I miss him! I can't believe he would be in High School!

Love you!