Science Experiments for the Young

The other day Middle Child came home from school anxious to show us some cool Vacuum Science Projects. Sister-in-law Nurse came over just as his re-creation of the experiments commenced. I was laying on the sofa, unable to see the kitchen, trying to recover from my Costco trip.

"Wanna see me crush a can without barely touching it?" MC asks SiL Nurse.

"I'd love to," and then turning to me, "Do you see what he's doing?" she asks.

I pop my head over the sofa to see an array of tools. He has a soda can, partially filled with water, sitting on a hot burner, a sink full of cold water, and pot holders in his hands. At least he's prepared for the heat. "What are you doing?"

"I have to wait until the water is steaming out of the can and then I put the can in the cold water with the opening in the cold water and it will create a vacuum and crush the can." You can hear the excitement in his voice.

I lay back down. SiL Nurse watches him for a minute. Then I hear some movement in the kitchen, and then a big "OOOPS!" SiL Nurse quietly busts up laughing. I pop up again. I see MC has dropped the can and pot holders in the cold water. "I'm gonna try again."

He restarts the experiment. "I need some gloves. Mom, hurry and get me some gloves!"

I really don't like to do things for the kids when I'm trying to rest, "They're in the closet, go get them yourself."

He runs to the hallway closet, throws everything out to find the biggest gloves at the bottom. He runs back in with them on both hands.

SiL Nurse asks, "Who's gloves are those?" She turns to me, "I can't believe you're just letting him do all this!"

"Well, he loves to do stuff in the kitchen." I look over, "Don't ruin those gloves, I think they're Dad's"

"Oh," a look of concern on MC's face, but not enough to stop him. He watches the can. He bends over to look through the small hole in the top and touches the hot burner with his glove. "Oops!" escapes his mouth as the glove smokes. SiL Nurse really starts laughing now. MC takes the gloves off.

I get up off the sofa and we both walk over to the kitchen. Perfectly rounded glove fingers are imprinted on my stove.

Between the science experiment and the grilled cheese grilled directly on the stove top earlier this week I think I'm due for a new stove, but to be safe I'll wait till Middle Child has moved out.


Krissie said...

LOL! So, did MC crush the can without touching it!? At least he is excited for school as well! :)

sally said...

I agree with Krissie, at least he's excited about school and science. I love that he kept saying Ops. I can just hear him right now saying that.

denverallens said...

Too funny, on both parts! You to tired to care and him having a blast trying to make it work!

Urban Parks said...

You are such a good mom. I would have been killed for an experience like that. Then, when I was in school, we didn't do such neat things.

Midwestern Gone Idahoan said...

too funny!! Ellen started her 1st day of middle school today!!!! Hope she has as much fun!!

Lonita said...

So, hopefully the lesson he learned from the science experiment is that he should be saving up to buy his mom a new stove?