Obsession # 347

The other day I had to bring a dozen cookies to Pack Night (a Cub Scout activity for those who don't have little boys). I was tired. I wanted to go home and lay down. I was feeling lazy. So I stopped by Target to buy a dozen cookies. I don't usually buy cookies because, well, I don't really know why I won't buy cookies but I just won't. It just doesn't feel right, as if the Universe were off-kilter. While that may be a weird quirk about me it's not what my obsession was for that day. I wandered through the store, a little angry that one dozen cookies cost almost $3! And then I found a cool belt for $5. So I grabbed that too. And then I walked through the hosiery section. And guess what! 
The Paul Frank socks were on CLEARANCE! I looked through them.

And then I left the hosiery section. I just love that word, hosiery! Such a silly word! I texted Sister Accountant to tell her, cuz she's the one that turned me on to Julius and Friends and loves him even more that I do.

She got pretty excited too. I then wandered back over to the hosiery section. I had pretty much talked myself out of buying the socks, cuz I really don't need any more socks and they were only 30% off. That's not that much of a sale. But I couldn't help myself. So I picked out a few.

And then I left the hosiery section. And then I came back and rifled through the rest of the socks and decided to get some more. They were just so cute. By this point I was having a hard time deciding which ones to get. They were all so cute!

And I just had to get the Mary Jane socks. I guess they're just like slippers, it's not like I can put shoes on over them. And this pretty much constituted my Back-to-School shopping. That and a pair of shoes for Middle Child and a pair of jeans for Baby.

In the end I put the cookies back, well I put them on a jeans shelf. I wasn't walking back over to the food section. And in this economy the employees should be thanking me for giving them work, otherwise they could be the next lay-offee. And seriously, who charges $3 for one dozen cookies? That's highway robbery. They're not fancy high-fa-luting cookies. They're probably just some frozen cookie dough nearing the end of their expiration date so they pulled them out of the freezer, cooked 'em up, put them in a box, and slapped a sticker on the front. My cookies are much better. So I came home and made Honey Cookies. One of everyone's all-time favorites. Later that night I found it humorous that I couldn't rationalize spending $3 on cookies but I had no problem spending $21 on socks. Someone commit me.


Lonita said...

The Mary Jane socks crack me up, but they are awfully cute. That little monkey is hard to resist. Which is why I was able to rationalize buying a $10 full-price beach towel. Though we're definitely getting more off-beach than on-beach use from it - Joshua still insists on sleeping with it post-vacation.

Urban Parks said...

I have to love your rational. I've been using it for years. I'm still not sure we have ever purchased cookies for a church activity. The obsession runs in the family, a you well know, and it can be for anything. They look great.

denverallens said...

I went to our Target and they were all gone! I asked a bunch of people! Grrrr! I love the socks, they are all so cute! Like Lonita, the Mary Jane socks are so funny and cute!

sally said...

I am so jealous. Maybe your Target will still have them when I come down this weekend. Well yesterday I bought Chas a Paul Frank backpack for Chas but I really wanted to buy myself the new Paul Frank bed linens. Of course they don't come in queen size and Jay and I are not buying two twins! I think I might just need an intervention. I love that Joshua sleeps with his towel. I want your socks!!