My Boss

I showed up for work Tuesday morning and had a shock. My head boss had died suddenly the night before. I was in shock. I wasn't prepared. He was such a good man. He cared about people. One thing I realized after this is that I had never heard anyone say one single negative thing about him. I don't hear very many negative things, but not a single one? To me that is a testament to how great of a person he was. We will all miss him tremendously. Here's a link to an article in the paper about him.

Orem's Jim Reams remembered for his integrity, love of family


Lonita said...

Wow, what a shock. That is pretty amazing, though, to never hear anyone say something negative about him - especially with him being a leader. Sounds like he was a great guy.

sally said...

That is a big shock. I really enjoyed reading about his life. It's nice to hear that there are good people out there when the world seems to be full of such grumpy people these days.

Midwestern Gone Idahoan said...

I am so sorry! I had no idea!