Adventures in Shopping with Teenage Boys

Sometimes shopping with Teenage Boys is wonderful. You're in, you're out, you're done! Hallelujiah! If it wasn't for the grocery bill boys would be the best!

And then there's the times you need to find certain clothes for the Teenage Boys. Teenage Boys don't do well shopping. Most of them abhor the whole ordeal. And so do their Moms. But there's no choice!

I took Middle Child back-to-school shopping last week. It was the highlight of my week. If I was rating it according to the lowest point of the week.

We got to the store. I had scoped the store out a few days earlier. When we came in I was excited that the sale prices had dropped even more! Wow!

And then we tried to find clothes that he liked. We were searching for shorts because after our family trip I realized he didn't have near enough to make it a whole week between wash days. That's my goal in life, to have enough clothes to make it a whole week between washings. Of course he is very particular, only plaid shorts. We searched high and low. Once we found the things he liked we tried to find them in his size. That's where the luck ended. Apparently not only do I have the most common shoe size but he has the most common waist size, severely limiting both our choices.

Finally we had a handful of clothes to try on! We headed to a fitting room. I sent him in. Another mother with her teenage son was right behind me. Middle Child headed in and I didn't see him for a minute or two. The other boy came right out.

"There's no rooms in there, there all full!" he said.

"Is there people in the rooms?" she asked.

"No, there just full of clothes."

"Well, that's just because no one puts their clothes away. They're empty rooms."

"No they're not!"

"Trust me, the rooms are empty." Which was true. There were no boys or men milling around modeling clothing for their Moms, Spouses, Girlfriends, Mistresses, or anyone else.

The boy hung his head and reluctantly went in a room. I was kind of proud of Middle Child for already figuring this out since he hadn't come back out yet.

Apparently I thanked my lucky stars a moment too soon. He came out right after this exchange with the same complaint. Before we could have the exact same conversation he headed to another fitting room. After he came out making the same complaint we then repeated the exact same conversation with the same conclusion.

We spent a good half hour trying on shorts, shorts, and more shorts. Finally we found a few he liked. After all the shorts trying on we didn't have the patience energy to try on shirts. The first Friday of school is picture day and I was hoping to get the shopping for this crossed off my list. No such luck. I was just happy to round out his shorts to an even seven. Now he can go a whole week between washes!

Stay tuned for more Adventures in Shopping with Teenage Boys.


Tim said...

Put him on a bus and give him $100 to shop on his own or make him the shorts in your picture below this post!

michael said...

I'm confused. You only wear shorts once and then wash them? I wear my t-shirts more than once before a wash, but I only wear them for like six hours after work and I'm usually just sitting.

denverallens said...

Donna loves doing laundry Mike. I take a wipe and clean off the spots and tell them to wear them again, and again. It works well. He he. Donna, you should try Salvation Army. I took the kids there and they loved it. Well Mac only got one red polo and told me he wouldn't wear used jeans. I'm pretty sure he's worse then any of my girls. Doesn't help that he did his laundry with two ink pens and now all his clothes are ruined. Sucks for him!

Donna said...

Tim - I love your idea and I think I can do it next year.
Mike - Boys are dirty. All the time. I'd love to not wash clothes every time but, Boys are Dirty!
Jeni - Mac is as bad as the girls, he won't wear holey jeans! hehehe We don't have Salvation Army in Utah County, only DI, ugh...

sally said...

I'm not looking forward to this. Half the time clothes I bring home Bonnie loves and the other half they sit there for half a year and then she decides she loves them. I can't wait till the teenage years.

quilts and quirks said...

It has been too long since I took kids shopping. Was it just two pairs of jeans??? I'm sure you all remember.