Where I Sew

There's this blog I follow. Every week they spotlight someone's Sewing Space. They are all pretty fancy stuff. Some of them look like a designer came in and decorated. I thought I would join the trend and show you where I sew.

I get to sew under this gorgeous tree. When we first bought this house a long long time ago Olaf's aunt and cousin came and painted this tree just for Calvin. He asked for a Hole in the Trunk and a Squirrel on a Branch. And over time we added Glow-in-the-Dark stars and moons on the ceiling. I made these simple curtains for him, they are muslin edged in leaf-decorated fabric. Calvin moved out of this room four or five years later but we kept this awesome tree. And when I look at it, it reminds me of my sweet little boy Calvin, not the older Calvin.

And then Olaf shot an antelope and hung it on this wall, long before I started sewing for real and needed a Space to sew in. When he hung it up Boomer the Basset Hound didn't like it. He would wander down the hall and peek in the room. He'd look up and see the antelope head and start barking. It was the funniest thing ever! He made us all laugh so hard with his barking at the dead antelope head, as if he was afraid it was going to take his place.

When I started writing this I meant to make fun of the fancy rooms that all these other sewers have and show them that sewing could be done in any kind of room, no need for fancy wall decorations that need dusting, pretty table covers, and other totally impractical things that would only get in the way of sewing. And instead I found out why my sewing room is so special to me.


denverallens said...

What an awesome sewing room! So many of us are still sewing on our kitchen tables that we have to clean off every night for dinner (or at least our husbands wish we would). I love your sewing room and I've always loved the tree on the wall. Don't ever paint over it! Love you Donna! How special that you get to sew in Calvin's room.

Krissie said...

How fun! I do love that tree in Calvin's room! I remember when it was painted.

Potter Family said...

I love your sewing room. All women who sew need a good sewing room to leave everything up. I have an area...but wish I had a beautiful room like you do. I do love that tree and what a peaceful place to remember little Calvin. What good memories and even more that you are making.

sally said...

I have always loved that tree in the sewing room. I still remember Calvin living in that room and him jumping off the top bunk on Saturday mornings while I was trying to sleep in. I love this sewing room because it is wonderfully cozy and you've got your own room!! Lucky duck.

quilts and quirks said...

You do have a special room to sew in. I love the tree and the memories. The antelope head adds character.