What Everyone Else Didn't Learn in Kindergarten

There has been major construction on the local Highway here. It's barely half over. And it's a major inconvenience because to go anywhere out of town (which is most of the time) I have to get on the Highway. And people have forgotten how to be civil, or they never learned how. Here's the list of things the people I share the road with every day didn't learn in Kindergarten, or maybe they missed Driver's Ed.

  • Share
  • Wait in line with everyone else
  • Play fair
  • Don't cut people off so you can get ahead of everyone else
  • Wave Thank You when someone lets you in when you felt the need to race up to the front of the line in front of everyone else
  • Don't text on your damn cell phone
  • Pay attention
  • The Fast Lane is the Fast Lane, don't sit in it driving the speed limit
Someone help me cuz we've got almost a year and a half of this construction left and driving in it is driving me crazy!


sally said...

Oh I hear you. Being there for just one weekend was more then enough for me. I couldn't believe all the idiots going the speed limit while in the fast lane, so rediculous. But then people cutting in line was even worse. Hang in there, you can come to Boise our construction has finally finished.

denverallens said...

What can I say, Utah traffic sucks! That's always the downfall to visiting Donna. But. . . always worth the risk! At least you've got awesome fabric shops to make up for the bad traffic. It's like the light at the end of the tunnel.