Rain Boots

The other day it was raining wonderfully hard. It was dark and wet and beautiful. As I was getting ready for work I decided I would wear my Rubber Rain Boots. I love them and it doesn't rain much here to I have to get as much use out of them as possible.

While I was at work I decided to go to the Library, I think Middle Child needed another book. (That is the best perk of where I work, access to a good library).  That kid reads so fast that the library has saved me a small fortune. As I was looking at books one of the librarians started walking towards me. I moved closer to the books so she would have room to pass through the aisle.

But then she stopped right in front of me and said, "Can I ask you a question?"

I knew I had paid all my fines so I wasn't sure what was coming next I said, "Sure."

"Where did you get your boots!"

I instantly felt good. Here was a lady commenting in an enthusiastic tone about my boots, I had made a good choice. And then,

"My daughter would love them!"

I wasn't quite sure what to make of that. If she's buying boots for her daughter she can't be that old. Maybe I need to start shopping somewhere else.


denverallens said...

You're shopping in all the right places. I love to wear my wellies (rain boots). Mine are green with bright flowers on them. Rain boots rock! Plus, they're perfect for shoveling snow when you get so hot but you don't want to get wet!

Urban Parks said...

What a great comment. Young girl modeling for a younger girl. Don't let anyone define who you are - Like I'm worried about that with you. So where is the photo of you in your boots?

sally said...

No you're shopping at the right spots, you're just hip. All the young women in my ward loved the big baby bag I used with Charlotte, I got tons of compliments from them. I loved that the kids loved it but didn't much from adults. You can never fit in when you have style, you're just too ahead of the curve.