Friday Lunches & Friends

Friday afternoon from 12-2:30 is reserved for lunch with several of my friends in the neighborhood. We always meet at my house since I am the only one who works (daycare) and can't go anywhere. We each take turns making or buying lunch for everyone. We bring all the kids and just relax and hang out and talk about all the stuff girls talk about while together without any men listening. I have enjoyed our lunches so much. After a week of tending daycare children and my own children I look forward to the few hours I have with some good friends to talk about whatever we want to or need to. Our lunches are so fun! Sometimes we have spirited debates. Other times we get silly and just laugh. Other times we talk about serious topics; our marriages, children issues, family stresses, in-laws, even personal issues, and whatever else comes our way. It has been a good outlet. One time we even called Crisco to find out how their product can be trans-fat free since it is a solid hydrogenated fat. I will miss our lunches when I get a job. I have become great friends with these girls.

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