New Things

Today I stopped by the school. Baby wanted to show me how he could skip bars while doing the monkey bars. He dragged us over to the school about a month or two ago to show us he could do the monkey bars. He was so proud of himself! I was proud of him too. I never had much upper body strength, even as a skinny kid, and could rarely complete them more than once, or twice on a good day! He proceeded to do all three sets of the monkey bars several times. He loved it! I can't believe how well he can do the monkey bars. I'm thinking I should sign him up to do gymnastics and maybe he can join the circus when he's older. He had so much fun that I had to pretend to start driving away to get him to finally come home with me for dinner (I was starving and therefore getting grouchy!). In the car he instantly started blowing on the palms of his hands and kept getting more and more upset because of his new stinging blisters. He proclaimed "I'm not going to be able to eat lunch ever again!" This rather perplexed me, what did blisters have to do with eating lunch? I asked him that question and he replied he wouldn't be able to hold a sandwich with the blisters because his hands hurt so bad! I had such a good quiet laugh, I wouldn't want to squelch that 7-year-old common senseness that doesn't make an ounce of sense to old, boring, one-track minds such as mine. He brings so much joy and silliness to my life that he makes me laugh and cry all at once.

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