I absolutely love this picture of my Mom and me. She is so beautiful in this picture. She reminds me of a model with her pulled back so sleekly, the grey-blue eyes, and the adorable baby girl that just happens to be me. I know my Mom was young once but I mostly remember her being older. I love finding old pictures. I just feel so lucky to have such a beautiful Mom.

I also found this great picture of my Dad & me. When I first found it I couldn't decide who was the man in the picture. The guy was just too young to be my dad, seriously does he even look like he's out of High School? Maybe, but definitely not in Grad School with a Family! I finally decided by default that this was me and this man must be my dad. The Sacramento State shirt gave it away since that's where he got his undergrad.

I found a few pics of my siblings & me from our youth. They are too much fun to not share!

This is me and my baby sister. I love how cute she is. I also love my permed hair with the whole feathered bangs!

This is my Sister Accountant sitting on my Sister Quilter's lap. They look so happy! Their own young girls look so much like them in this picture!

I love the look on my younger brother's face. He still looks this way at people, but in a grown up sort of way.

This is Sister Homemaker and my older younger brother whispering silly secrets. They're just so cute and smiley!

Now you've met the whole family. Here's our castle in Scotland to finish the post. I may not get to live in it but some distant relative of ours does and he's one lucky rich Knight or something like that!

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Perfect post, I love it!