a FEW quirks?

I love the number 3 so I thought I'd write a little bit more about me and some of my quirks. I decided 9 would be good because that is 3 squared. 3 cubed would be better but that's 27 things and that was too many for me to think of so you're stuck with 9 things about me, and I'm sure it's 8 more things than you wanted to know. I love them. I think they make me endearing. I think they are a blessing (and a curse). And I know they drive everyone else absolutely INSANE!

1. I love the number 3. I count things and group them into three's. I eat things in three's. I can't eat one cookie, I must have three. I take nine triscuits to work because that is divisible by three. Before we bought the New Old Car our license plate numbers added up to nine and I LOVED it. I'm considering getting a different plate for the last car because it does NOT add up to a number divisible by three. I went to a job interview at a Mental Health Institution and decided I couldn't work there because there were 37 steps up to the third floor where I would have worked. It would make me MENTAL! (It was only chance that I had three kids. If I would have had four, I would not have had to have two more.)

2. I LOVE Diet Coke. When debating where to eat at I take into consideration the cola the establishment offers. If torn between two good places I will undoubtedly choose the one that serves Coke products. Downtown Vegas is a Pepsi-only area and I curse it the whole time I'm downtown.

3. My house may have toys and boy things strewn all over the place but the linen closet is beautifully organized ALL THE TIME! Towels are folded into thirds with the smooth side facing, no raw edges showing (Thank you Martha Stewart). All the toiletries are organized according to item and size. I have a small basket for the little travel things. And it smells really lovely with the smelly soaps Sister Quilter brought me from England. They were 'Carefully Made in Scotland.'

4. I stack my big bowls four high in the cupboard. When Sister Quilter came to visit and was asking how many bowls high I stacked them I tried to nonchalantly reply "Oh, four or five, however many fits." She gave me a hard look and said "I know you have a number, what is it?" We both busted up laughing.

5. I have less than a dozen unmatched socks. The ones that are missing are ones lent to First Born by Hubby for church and lost forever in his bedroom. The single socks remain in the bottom of the clothing bucket awaiting the time when their mate makes their prodigal sock return. I will shame them and then accept them lovingly back into the sock drawer.

6. I first shop in the sale section at almost every store, sometimes I never get out of the clearance area. I rarely buy clothes at full price. The problem is that I can probably remember the price of 90% of the items I've bought in this house. I have to hold back when talking to people about the "Good Deals" I got because I understand other people are not so excited by saving an almighty buck.

7. I love every James Bond movie. Some are better than others but I love them all, especially the newest one. He is dreamy!

8. I took a picture of the odometer when it reached 123,456.7 miles. I brought my camera and stopped on the way to dropping the kids off at school. I thought about having a party for the truck.

9. I don't make brownies from a mix. I don't make biscuits from a mix. I don't make cookies from a mix. I don't make almond poppyseed cake from a mix. All are made from scratch. The box mixes are nasty and not worth my time. In fact most things are sooooo much better when made from scratch. Because so many things are made from scratch at this house the children love processed food and shun the cookbooks. If Baby sees an open cook book he falls on the floor crying "I don't LOVE that! Take me somewhere to eat dinner!"


sally said...

You and Jen make me laugh so hard - there is a number. I didn't realize how odd your quirks were. Suzanne didn't park near the elevator we needed today and she asked why I didn't correct her and I said well you were parked. She replied I must not be from this family. It made me laugh - I wish I had more quirks.

denverallens said...

What a wonderful thing to wake up to four kids, and completely ignore them to check on my sisters blog. I LOVE to read your blog Donna. It makes my day. It must be like someone who has to read 'dear abby' (that's you mom) and being good to start the day on a good note! Thanks for your posts, I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!

Krissie said...

Donna, I love your blog, it makes me laugh everytime! Like you, i have the number quirk also, just not to that extreme! Your blog though makes my day! Love you!