Accomplishments Over Labor Day Weekend

1. Traveled to Moab since all our camping friends left us high and dry.

2. Bought a new pair of Teva's half-price at one of the many outdoor stores. I do believe Moab has more outdoor stores than any other county in the state, probably even if they were all combined.

3. Tried and liked 'Whole-Grain Pasta.' It's only 51% whole wheat, therefore bearable. While I love whole wheat bread I have not found a whole wheat pasta that doesn't taste like cardboard.

4. Played at the park instead of hiking since there were Flash Flood Warnings all over the area. The kids still got to play in the water in the relative safety of town.

Somehow this Hottie Chick got in our park pics!

5. Saved $20! Checked out the Wall Arch, which recently fell, online instead of in Arches National Park. We've been quite a few times and decided a fallen arch wasn't as cool as an intact arch.
Before (National Park Service Photo):

After (National Park Service Photo):

6. Saved a small fortune on gas by driving the New Old Car to Moab instead of the gas-guzzling truck.

7. Actually brought home the Ketchup from Moab Brewery, my favorite restaurant as seen here.

8. Learned that Sister-in-Law Fashionista's past relatives built Hole-in-the-Rock. A house carved out of the rock.

9. Drove around Moab and saw areas I had never seen before. It's quite picturesque up in the hills around Moab. But I still love the valley best because it is so green and lush with the red rock cliffs towering above all around. It's a beautiful picture almost year round!

10. Hiked to Moon Flower Falls. At the beginning are some petroglyphs.

It was a beautiful hike along a stream with a waterfall at the end.

First Born participated in Cliff Jumping.

Other Children rode the small falls like a water slide.

Brother-in-Law Copper posed beautifully as a red-neck for us all.


mommybake said...

So, was brother-in-law Copper afraid to get his shirt wet? And I loved how the 'kids' included brother-in-law Copper riding the waves!!

Donna said...

He was just pretending he was a red-neck girl!

Terry said...

I can not believe you stole thats right stole the ketchup from the brewery... again. You are awesome.

Terry said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Donna said...

Hey, Baby was told that stuff was BOUGHT! It's NOT contraband. You know he'd turn me into the cops, thank goodness I know one of them down there!

PS I don't know how your other comment got deleted. I don't think I did it but I guess I did. LOVE computers!