Reasons Why I Love Olaf!

1. At least twice a week he gets home before me and starts dinner and helps clean up!

2. He comes home early to take kids to games, karate, and lessons.

3. He makes our bed in the mornings.

4. He gets the kids off to school two or three times a week since I need to be at work at eight and he can do some stuff at home before he goes into the office.

5. He calls me to have lunch once in a while. Now that I'm not tied to the house we actually get to see each other for lunch!

6. When I wear my shapewear, the newfangled modern-day corsets (I actually saw a lady on QVC claiming that women felt so wonderful and skinny in the stuff that they wore them when they worked out! That's so not a real woman!) and girdles, he comments that I don't need the stuff, I look great the way I am! I think that one is the best because even though I'm not perfect he loves me for me!

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