McGruff the Dog Lives

Yesterday I got a call from one of my Dad' oldest friends. He works at BYU and wants my Dad to come visit and was enlisting my help. No Problem! I'll call my parents and harass them to come visit me and the family! But in the giddiness at the chance of seeing my parents I detract. When he called Middle Boy answered the phone.

"Who am I speaking to?" asked Old Professor.

"That totally depends! Who am I speaking to?" answered Middle Child with that sassy grin as he delved into his quirky personality.

As I was talking to the Old Professor, he remarked on how quick and smart my boy was to answer him that way. He was surprised and impressed at how well I had taught my children. I didn't have the heart to tell him that my child is just silly. He was thinking nothing of safety and only of how he could be 'smart' and 'sassy'! His 'unique personalty,' as my best friend calls it, was on show and he was showing off his quick wit.

The Old Professor also reminded me of the year stint I landed at BYU. I guess I coerced him into taking me to lunch one fine afternoon. I was talking about calling my parents back home 'the regular way.' Knowing the dorm conditions he asked what I meant by calling home 'the regular way.'

"I call collect," I replied, oblivious to the high cost of collect phone calls in the late 80's.

"You know that is quite expensive," he replied just to see what I would say.

I paused and responded in complete seriousness, "It's my job to love my parents and it's their job to figure out how to pay the phone bill."

Last night he reminded me of this conversation and told me that he would NEVER forget it and it was in his Top Ten things of College Studentisms.

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denverallens said...

That's so cute. Do you remember saying that? We used to be so witty! Now we're just silly!