Middle Child's birthday was officially August 14th. We had a family party during which he got a bunch of camping stuff for Scouts. He was pretty excited because he went camping Friday and got to use it! Then we decided to put off his friends party because school started the next week.

"Why don't we wait two weeks so that you can reconnect with some friends at school and invite them?" I suggested.

He agreed and thought it was a great idea. Somehow he thought two weeks was the next week, August 23! He was a little sad, but not much, when I told him it was August 30 that we'd be having the party. And even though I try to schedule things out in my life I still manage to overplan, and not by a little, it's always the big things that get overlapped! I had scheduled his party for Labor Day weekend when we go camping. And we haven't been as a family yet this year!

So I approached him carefully, he gets rather sad about things being put off. I think it's middle child syndrome, and it makes me feel the Mother Guilt I usually don't allow myself to sink into, but he brings it out in me. I explained the whole thing, how people won't be around Labor Day weekend and we should put it off another week! After a few sad faces he finally saw the light and agreed. Now we just have to hope that Clone Wars is still in theaters and search or make Clone invitations for all his friends. And at least waiting till school was in session worked out good because he's already found three more friends to invite that he wouldn't have otherwise!

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