Upcoming Birthday Presents

Middle Boy lost his Nintendo DS (hereafter referred to as DS) just before we left on our trip to Denver on July 2nd. This was a terrible blow to him and he was very saddened. It was his most prized possession. You would have thought Boomer the Basset Hound had died. We have looked in the sofa, in the chair, in Grandma's house, in the car, in his bed, in his bedroom, in the bathrooms, under things, behind things, anywhere imaginable. We have searched high, low, and in between for the thing and it can't be found ANYWHERE! I don't even think he took it anywhere, it just diappeared into the nothingness with all the socks.

Because of his upcoming birthday I decided we should get him a used one. I bought one off of ebay and when I got it Monday I was quite pleased with the condition. There were no scratches on the screen. Except for a few scratches on the outside from regular use it looked almost new! I was quite pleased. I did good for the boy and would be his favorite Mom for a while.

Tuesday I flipped back Boomer the Basset Hound's blanket on the sofa (my feeble attempt to keep dog hair off the sofa) and. . . Lo and Behold! There is the DS! Laying right behind the back sofa cushions, not even shoved down or fallen down below like you would expect the DS to be if it had been there for a month. Someone recently put it on the back of the sofa. Have no clue who the offender is and Middle Child doesn't even care. After I showed him and he smiled he quickly turned it on and has been playing it ever since. Now I remember why I hated that thing!

If you are searching for a DS check this one out. Trying to recoup my costs.

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mommybake said...

So, how much did you pay for it and how much did it sell for?