Baby's mafia

We took all the boys to see Clone Wars. We dropped them off and did some shopping kid-free! I have rediscovered the joys of shopping without strollers and screaming, tired children. Now I’m that parent that mutters under my breath, Shut that kid up, as we’re strolling through the stores and someone else’s kid is stretching their lungs.

When we picked up all three of the boys they were having fun. Count Duku and Boba Fett were at the theater visiting with people. Except for the fact that the beginning of all the Star Wars starts with “In a galaxy far, far away. . .” I might have thought that they were real characters and it was a true story. But then we all have fantasies. Who doesn’t want to live on the planet from which Princess Amidala calls home. It is almost as beautiful as the Elven world in Lord of the Rings.

Back to reality. Baby told me I needed to see the movie. I said I would see it when it came out on video. (I am old enough that my jargon has not changed to match the times. I may watch DVD’s but I still call them videos. My children have given up on correcting me; they have grown used to my many eccentricities and my refusal to change for society.) Baby got excited, “When it comes out on DVD we can copy it!” We replied that it was illegal to copy movies. We told the kids that the cops would hunt them down and put them in jail. Baby smiled and delightfully declared, “They’ll have to get through all my friends first!” And then he laughed his evil laugh.

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