Heart Stopping Moments in Time

As parents lots of things happen. So many are happy, sad, fantastic, infuriating, and so on and on and on. But thank goodness there are only a few actual heart-stopping moments when you wonder. Today was one of those moments. We lost Baby at a Baseball game tonight.

It was one of those surreal moments when I'm looking around and realize someone is missing. I look at Hubby and ask "Where's Baby?" He replies,"Isn't he with you?" NO! I run back to where I last saw him and look all around. He's nowhere to be seen. I start to panic. My heart flutters and I can't think straight. Did he leave thinking we had left? Does he even know where the car is? Did he go to the bathroom? Did he find a friend? Did he follow us and we just haven't seen him? I tell myself to calm down and look around the deck and if I don't see him then get him paged. Thank goodness most people have left and there isn't too many people milling around. As I look around the area I see him about halfway down the aisle with one of the employees. I run to him and grab him and hug him! He looks at me with those big brown milk chocolate eyes "Mommy, where did you go? I couldn't find you." I hugged him tighter trying to calm us both down. He breaks down in relief and can't stop talking almost all the way home about how things went down for him. He knew he was lost longer than I did and it tore at his heart that we could lose him. He's our Baby!

About three years ago we were at Disneyland with all of Hubby's family. Several of us decided to ride the ferris wheel. There are two lines. One for a regular ferris wheel and another for a sliding ferris wheel. I don't like ferris wheels to begin with so we rode in the traditional style. About 10 minutes later when we got off we met up with the rest of the group and I looked around. "Where's First Born?" Hubby replied, "I thought he was riding the ferris wheel with you guys." We were on a strip with several carnival type games and I ran from one to the next looking for him, sure he was trying to win a prize. No luck. Then I saw a security guard. I ran up to him and tried to remain calm as I almost cried, "We can't find our son." Trying to defuse the critical situation the guy said, "Did you want him back?" I actually laughed, 'Yes, we kind of like him." As he took down his information Sister-in-Law Fashionista came running over with First Born. He had ridden the ferris wheel but had gotten in the other line. At least he didn't know he was lost! Unfortunately he rode the sliding ferris wheel all by himself and had gotten sick!

The worst 'lost child' we had was at Christmastime in Salt Lake City at Temple Square. Middle Child was about three. We were with some friends in one of the buildings and decided it was time to go. After we all got bundled up I looked around and for the first time asked "Where's Middle Child?" Being the first time I lost a child I somewhat panicked. The other wife took all the kids while Hubby and his friend looked for the boy. I went to the counter and told the young women behind the counter I couldn't find my son. She looked concerned and said "That's terrible, what would you like me to do?" I was in shock! She's supposed to know, not me! I told her to call security. After about five anguish-filled minutes during which not a single employee/volunteer did anything while I waited for the nonexistent security, Hubby's friend found Middle Child. When he had heard "Let's go," he went! Thank goodness he stopped on the inside of the door. He decided that while he waited for us to catch up he would try to close the sliding automatic door on everybody trying to enter and exit.

I can only be thankful that all of these situations have come to a happy ending while other parents have heart-rending outcomes. These are some of the worst times in my life and no matter what I can't forget them. Even today when I remember these moments I get teary-eyed and say a little thankful prayer.


the HeartTongues said...

oh, how i hate those moments!! i've got a couple that come to mind--UGH. always feel like a slacker mom when things like that happen. not that i think you should...just sayin'. :)

mommybake said...

OH my heck! That is the scariest moment! Glad you found baby!