Patience is a Virtue

For months I have applied, interviewed, turned down low-paying jobs, and been depressed as I was told several times I was a "Very Strong Candidate but we went with someone else" The time has finally come. I have been offered a job! I was not their second pick (at least not to my knowledge) and they want to pay me what I thought I could make fresh out of college in Utah County!

Of course the only reason I got the job was because I didn’t really want it. Before I applied I googled their address; it was placed on West Center Street in Provo. (Their street had a name, not a number) ‘That's not too far,’ I thought. I applied and they called me. Not for an interview but for a two-hour assessment that all candidates must take before they are even allowed to interview. When I got the directions to their office I was shocked. It may be in Provo but NORTHEAST Provo, almost to the mountains! I wouldn't have applied had I known that first.

I went and took their ghastly assessment. Whenever I got stuck, which was often, I told myself not to worry, I didn't want to work this far away from home. Somehow I still passed the assessment. Then they sent me an application. It had questions on it like "What was your single worst failure and how did you deal with it? What was the best criticism you have ever received and how did it affect you?" and my favorite "Why do you want to work for our company?" to which I replied "It seems like a nice place to work." That was my real answer and they still called me for an interview.

I went in for a brutal interview. First I interviewed with two people, then the boss, and then the HR Recruiter. She didn't like my answer to ‘Desired Salary’ of ‘Negotiable.’ I didn't want to put something out there and not get a call back because I thought I was worth more than they were willing to pay.

When the HR Recruiter called me two days later and told me they wanted to send me an offer letter (they're actually professional), talked about the pay (which was in my desired pay range), and asked if I was interested, it was all I could do not to sound excessively excited. Today I turned in all the paper work and took a drug test and, depending on the results, I should end self-employment on August 11!


mommybake said...

I am so EXCITED for you!!!! CONGRATS!!!!

the HeartTongues said...

yay!! what exactly will you be doing? what will your hours be? i'm happy for ya! :)