Meatball Sandwiches

Last week Olaf made Meatball Sandwiches for dinner. This is a good dinner because 75% of the family likes this meal. Normally, it seems as though at least 25% of our family doesn't like what we're having for dinner. But this one is almost a winner.

As we're eating Olaf starts snickering. "What?" the kids ask.

"Reminds me of the Testicle Festival up in Montana," he replies as he snickers some more.

"What are testicles?" both the boys ask.

"I'll tell you after dinner," he answered.

But the boys couldn't wait and kept pestering. They even guessed a few ridiculous body parts like elbows, toes, ears, etc.

Finally I couldn't help myself. "They're your nuts!" I giggled.

"OOOHH!" and they both squeeze their legs together as tight as possible. I love watching men and boys cringe as they think of their nether regions!

Fast Forward to Friday morning at school. Baby's Best Friend and his Mom are presenting their country to the class, Italy. The presentation went pretty well, until Baby's mind starts thinking in boy circles.

He raises his hand and when called upon asks, "Do they have meatballs in Italy?"

If you had been a mouse in my kitchen several nights ago, you could only see one direction for this conversation to go, but no one else in class had heard our lovely dinner conversation.

"Yes, they do," replies the Mom.

Baby raises his hand again. Once again he is called on. "My Dad told me what meatballs are made out of," he proudly announces.

"We don't want to know what their made of," his teacher very quickly responds and then she steers the discussion in a different direction. She's obviously had that child of mine in her class too long!

Maybe we should start watching TV during dinner like most American families. This whole conversation thing is obviously overrated. It only gets us in trouble!


Krissie said...

That is to cute.

Potter Fam said...

I need to be a mouse in your kitchen. I'd be rolling around in laughter. I can't help but think of the movie, Funny Farm. Chevy Chase eats a whole bunch of sheep testicles. NASTY. heaven help me when my little boys grow up and start going in that direction!! They do keep you laughing, and all of us too!!