WoW, It's Late!

Last night as Olaf was sending Middle Child to bed he said several times "Midnight comes really soon!"

Huh? Midnight always comes at midnight and since we're usually sleeping, especially the children, why do we care?

Little did I know that Olaf had promised Middle Child that he would come and wake him up before Midnight, the magical hour, and whisk him off to WalMart to purchase the new World of Warcraft (WoW) extension!

As I went to bed, Olaf crawled in next to me. I asked "Is this a good idea? You have to get up soon!" But I felt him get up sometime later and since Middle Child said they were at the store on time, I know it was before midnight. Middle Child was tickled pink to get the new game. Of course he hasn't played it yet, but he knows it's there!


curlygirl said...

That's what you think!!! He's been texting Shaun since 7:30 this morning telling him all about it!

Krissie said...

That's awesome. you guys are such great parents...and that's just classic how you think he hasn't played yet...he probably didn't go back to bed that night!