I just barely got my sunglasses back from the optical shop and the sun decides to hide behind the mountains until after I get to work and it disappears on the other side just before I leave! That dang sun makes it hard to show off my stylish new specs. And to make matters worse it will be like this for at least two months. The winter solstice this year is December 21, 2008 at 7:04 am eastern standard time. It will take at least another month to get to this same length of day.

Whenever I get sad about the shortness of days I try to count my blessings. I'm glad I don't live in Alaska where the days are MUCH shorter. And on the flip side, how do you ever go to sleep at night while it's still light outside? When I was in England the sun came up around 4 or 5 in the morning. We had no problem getting up at 6:30 in order to get an early start on sightseeing.

I'm also glad I live in the Northern Hemisphere. It would be so unseasonable to have Christmas in the middle of Summer. I may not love the cold but it doesn't seem right if Christmas doesn't have some snow. I remember reading an article that said even in South America Christmas cards had snowy pictures on them, imitating the north!

I must stay positive as we hit this time of year. I must not succumb to the depression that sets in so readily as the days shorten and shrink. I will come out of this winter happy and alive!


Anonymous said...

Just admit how much you love Utah. You love it sooo much that you will never leave utah.

sally said...

Don't succumb to Jill. But I know what you mean about it being dark. During tax season we joke that we work from Dark to Dark.

Hilary said...

I completely understand. Every year I tell myself that I will embrace and enjoy winter. I haven't had much success. I guess if I participated in winter sports I would actually love the cold short days. Maybe this will be my year!?

denverallens said...

It's dark here too, but so far not cold. We've had 60s and 70s. Today it only got to 40, but the rest of the week in the 60s. I'm loving the weather. It is very sunny during the day! I guess all the darkness is why we love the spring so much!