Fashion Revisited

Husbands are so good for some things. But not other things. Like helping me pick out clothes to wear. As long as they're tight he loves it. Nothing slightly loose, cuz that looks like Grandma clothes and heaven forbid he be married to someone old! I must show how young I am at heart. I don't know if other husbands are this way because I've heard of a few who buy their wife clothes and shoes and even purses. Olaf would never attempt to buy me clothes without me first seeing them. He's got marriage-goggles and would probably buy a size 6 or something wonderful like that which I could-never-even-if-I-lost-50-pounds fit into. But at least he thinks of me like that.

The fun thing has been that I have been buying lots of clothes the last six months. It's so much fun to wear new things and have somewhere to go in them! If I'm at home I just want to be comfortable. But when I'm at work I want to be comfortable also, but in a business-type way. I have perfected the art of wearing sneakers with slacks but also heels with jeans. I know, it's been done forever, but I'm just catching on. Remember that post about how fashion-conscious-deficient I am? I still am, but I'm getting better.

I've also been stockpiling shoes as though we were headed for another World War with shoe rations. I had a teacher in Junior High who used to steal her dad's shoe coupons during WWII so she could get more shoes. She figured he didn't need as many shoes. And she was probably right. Men only need a few pair of shoes; brown and black dress shoes, tennis shoes for running/walking/hiking, and maybe a few more for good measure, but not the 25+ that I need in order to match all my outfits for work. And thankfully most men tolerate our passion for shoes.

The downside af all my shoppig for myself is that Olaf's wardrobe hasn't been added to for a while. I just realized he probably needs more shoes, he's wearing out the old ones. He also probably needs more jeans. I've tried to buy him some stylish men jeans, but he just doesn't love them so I'm about to send them to Goodwill where someone who appreciates fashion will buy them. I guess this weekend I will have to take him Jeans and Shoes shopping. At least with my new job I can stop by the mall on my way home from work and pick up some more killer deals for me without fighting the crowds!


Krissie said...

I'm glad you are enjoying the shopping from the paycheck. It is a lot of fun but I am jealous you get to wear jeans! Do you get to wear jeans any day or specific days? We get to about 3 times a month, but usually with this ugly colored polo with our company name on it.

Lonita said...

My shopping's going the opposite direction. Now that I'm working at home two days a week, I've only got three days when people actually see me - so I've mostly been working off clothes I bought two years ago, since last year the only new clothes I bought were maternity-wear...Glad you're having fun with it!

gravetti said...

My wife is the same. We often have to agreee to disagree when it comes to close... that being said, when she buys me "stylish" jeans they don't get worn much... they aren't cut right and restrict movement.