Practicality Rules

The other day I was talking with a friend and her husband. She asked what Olaf had gotten me for V-day.

"A sleeping bag to keep me warm on that campout," I proudly replied.

"Were you just so mad?!?" she questioned.

"No, I was so glad cuz I needed it."

Her husband started snickering.

"My husband bought me a sleeping bag for one of our first Valentine's Day and I was so mad!"

"I still haven't lived it down," he said.

"To me it seems as though he's not putting any thought into a gift, just buying us something we need, or he needs. We're going to buy it anyway so put some thought into a gift and buy me something different for my Birthday or Valentine's day," she complained.

"Yeah, but that's the beauty of getting stuff you need. I know we're going to buy it anyway, so instead of spending money on something I might want but don't need for V-day or B-day just seems so frivolous. I'd rather spend less money and get what we need and not have to fork out money for it later," I explained. I'm kind of a practical girl. "One year when my whole family got together for Christmas I got all this camping stuff. After everyone went home Sister Quilter asked if I liked the camping stuff or if I was kinda mad about it. I told her I loved it. She was glad for me because it would have ticked her off. Her husband never would have lived it down."

At this point her husband is laughing hysterically.

"Stop! You're feeding the fire! My hubby now knows that there are girls out there just like him when it comes to gifts! Stop talking!"

I can't help it if I'm practical. That's just me. It's a blessing. And a curse.


Lonita said...

That's so funny. My gift philosphy is pretty similar - I'm all about the practical and money-saving. Tim, on the other hand, looks at me like I'm suggesting torturing cute puppies when I make "practical" gift suggestions.

Hilary said...

I love practical gifts, if I really want it. My favorite gift is some utensil for the kitchen. But if it is just a new toothbrush I might be annoyed. But then again, it's fun to get something a little frivolous just because he knows I would enjoy it.

Krissie said...

That's hilarious. I feel the same way about gifts and I give David a hard time if he gets me something we don't need. But then I get mad when he gets me something and it's nothing I wanted or needed. But this year I told him I wanted perfume (I would't have bought it for myself because it was to expensive for me) and he got that and a CD for me. I was excited as all I got David was a gift certificate to the movies. That's what we were going to do that weekend anyway.