Beauty School

Today, (since I was home early again!) I decided to try out the Beauty School in town. The boys were in serious need of haircuts. Last time Olaf took them to get haircuts Middle Child was complaining. He did not want his hair cut. It was finally getting long enough to keep him a little bit warm since the temperatures were below freezing. Baby, on the other hand, was more than willing to get his hair cut. But when they got home Middle Child had a short haircut and Baby looked like they had trimmed around the ears and not much else. Needless the say his hair has been WILD the last two weeks.

I decided it was time for haircuts. I texted my friend because she loves the beauty school. $5 for haircuts! Can't beat that when the next cheapest place in town is $12. So I called and made appointments for after school.

We got there and checked in. The room was full of hairdressers in all ranges of schooling. Middle Child was whisked away first by a cute, short redhead. I had to go into great detail in order to get her to use a #2 on the edges and back and trim the top about finger length. "My fingers are kind of thin, should I do a little longer?" Sure, whatever, just cut the mop!

A few minutes later another young girl came and got Baby. I gave her the usual story about how to cut his hair. I told her it needed to be much shorter. She was good with less than a dozen words versus the other girl with whom I carried on a five minute conversation to relay the same information.

15 minutes later Baby was done. Other than being super itchy he was great. I was busy reading so I let him chat with Middle Child. I figured a few more minutes and we'd be out of there. No. such. luck. I sat and read a magazine, another magazine, and finallly another magazine. Then I played Solitaire on my phone.

Soon Baby came over to inform me that Middle Child was wiggling too much and if he wiggled any more he was gonna have messed up hair. I've heard this story before! Middle Child is a fidgeter. He couldn't sit still to save his life. I decided to go and sit by him to help him stay still. I went down and sat in the chair near him and remarked on how good he looked. I thought he was almost done. Guess again! The girl kept trimming, and trimming, and trimming, and shaving, and thinning, and trimming. Judging from the praise the teacher gave her I'm thinking it was one of her first haircuts. She gave him a great cut, it just took her an hour! Meanwhile, Baby informs me that Middle Child keeps swiping stuff off the haircutter's counter and hiding it under the cape. She told me she put her shears up really high on the counter so he couldn't reach them, she was worried he'd cut himself. Sure enough, when the cape was taken off Middle Child he had one of her brushes hidden under there.

Finally, we were done! I paid. The price had risen to $7 plus tip. I felt like I had to tip that poor girl that had put up with my wiggly child. I barely got out of there for under $20. As soon as we were out the door Baby had his hair covered shirt off in the 36 degree weather. Middle Child claimed the first shower and Baby was fighting him for it. Not only do hairstylists learn to cut hair but also to keep it off their clients. It must be the last thing they learn at this school. I decided it might be worth $12 plus tip to get in and out of there with a lot less hair attached to their clothing.


Tim said...

Not to worry. I have never met a barber who can get the cut hair off my head. They just don't teach that skill!

Petit Elefant said...

O.K. now I feel a little lame for recommending them. They're usually pretty good with getting the *latest* swanky haircut for me.

Emily said...

Oh, gosh.

Try girl hair.

Everyone had told me I should go to Bon Losee when I was living in Provo. And back then I wasn't even getting highlights, okay? But I did want layers.

It took me FOUR hours. I'm not even exaggerating. I had to call in to work, because it took so much longer than I expected.

And then I felt like I had to tip a lot because she'd just spent SO long trying to make my haircut perfect...

I went a couple times to the Paul Mitchell school in Provo, and they didn't take AS long, but still a pretty long time. And when I feel like I have to tip for their time and for trying so hard...I always ended up paying like $25, which is not really saving.

When I started having color work, it just wasn't even an option, because it would probably take multiple days.

The girls were always nice, though. And my haircuts were always fine, since, you know, after the girl has spent forever trying the instructor comes and redoes it the right way.