I'm a Magician

I am a Magician. I'll bet you didn't know that? But I have been making things disappear at my house since I started working Part-Time:
  1. The piles of dirty laundry
  2. The dust bunnies of dog hair
  3. The TV programs recorded on my DVR
  4. The number of Take-out meals
  5. The smudges and streaks on the windows
  6. The dirty dishes in the sink
  7. The undone homework of my children
  8. The toothpaste scum in the bathroom sinks
  9. The pile of ironing
  10. The children's lack of chores
Thanks to the possibility of working part time (which can be chalked up to this economy, the job used to be full time) I have time to do the things I hadn't done much of for the last six months. And I love it! I don't ever want to work full time again. And my children's friend's parents have informed me that my children LOVE me being home when they get home from school. That right there makes it worth the teensy paycheck.


denverallens said...

Keep rubbing it in, we know you rock!

revhayes said...

Oh no - I am moving from part time to full time in a couple of weeks... does that mean all those things will appear at my house??? I don't think it is possible for me to have more piles of laundry than I already do!

Jamon Andelin said...

It is good to see some people are benefiting from you leaving sirsidynix, :) we miss you here.

mommybake said...

That is great!! You do know how much your boys love you!!