Shady Vegas

Almost two years ago my parents moved to Vegas. Yeah! They now lived only six hours away versus the 25+ hours we had to drive to visit them when they lived in Indiana. We could actually go visit them a few times a year. I was pretty excited.

I refused to go and visit them in the summer. I've been to Vegas in the summer and it's a bit too warm for my comfort. I can barely deal with Utah's heat and it's probably 20 degrees cooler here. So, for fall break in October we went to visit my parents.

We had a lot of fun and did a few things. The last night there Olaf's good friend who lives in Vegas brought his family to meet us all for dinner. We had a good time eating and playing around. Their little three-year-old is adorable and my boys loved playing with him.

After dinner my parents opted to go home since they were tired, my children have that affect on others not used to rambunctious boys. We went down to the Old Part of Vegas. It was quite entertaining. There were some Jesus Freaks with big signs about how we're all going to burn in Hell if we don't Repent and get Saved Right Now. There was a saxophone player with a drunk couple dancing to his music. There was other performers of various types all around. And the best part was the light show on the ceiling, or roof top, of the avenue. It was pretty neat and the kids loved it. Then we went and checked out the remodel of the Golden Nugget. The swimming pool was pretty cool. There is a big Shark Tank in the middle of the pool. And the best part of it is the 30-foot waterslide anyone can ride right through the middle of the shark tank. Almost makes you want to stay in Old Vegas. The kids sure wanted to stay there and try the waterslide out for themselves.

Afterwards we decided to get some of the best frozen yogurt on town. It's a small shop run by someone from somewhere else. You can only pay in cash and you have to risk your life to find the place. We followed Olaf's friend all through Vegas. We kept turning at corners and I swear we drove in a few circles. But he swore he knew where we were going. And since I don't live there and he does I had to kinda trust him. At one point in the ride Olaf remarked, "I think we've driven through the shadiest parts of Vegas!"

To which Middle Child replied, "I noticed the lights were dimmer on those last few streets."

After we got done laughing so hard we couldn't drive and it was good we didn't have any frozen yogurt because it would have landed all over the place in our hysterical laughter (to which he just couldn't figure out what was so funny) we wittily replied to his naive comment, "It's cuz no one wants to be seen coming in and out of the places on those blocks."


Daniel said...

How come I'm just finding out about this yogurt place? We may be old and tired, but yogurt - especially frozen - is on our short list.

Krissie said...

That is really funny

denverallens said...

That's why Dad thought your Punky Jo's should have been on a side street, NOT Spanish Fork Main Street. I guess then he might have been able to go visit!