UPDATE: The Top 10 Things That My Kids Think Make Me a Bad Mom

  1. Not letting my kids eat out every night
  2. Spending their gift cards at Walmart
  3. Making them walk home from school
  4. Making them ride bikes to friends houses instead of getting a ride
  5. Not letting them get everything they want at the store
  6. Making them do chores and then making them use the money they earn doing chores to buy things they want instead of me wasting my hard earned money
  7. Not letting my kids play video games rated "M" for mature
  8. Making my kids go to bed around 8:30 on a school night
  9. Trying to teach my kids good table manners
  10. No dessert unless dinner was completely eaten
UPDATE: I had to add one more that definitely makes me a Bad Mom in a boy's perspective
  1. Attempting to teach Personal Hygiene skills such as showering, teeth-brushing, deodorant usage, hair-combing and hair-gel-usage, frequency of underwear changes, and definitely how not to use too much cologne
PS. I couldn't figure out how to use the number list and start at #11 instead of #1 cuz I wasn't really starting all over again but if I just stuck in a #11 at the beginning of the line the formatting would have been all wrong and that would have bugged me. So if anyone has some cool, easy HTML tricks for messing up number lists, send 'em my way.


MotocrossMom said...

Wow, I thought I was the only parent in the whole world who won't let my child play Mature games!
8:30 PM - that is a little brutal! You Nazi

sally said...

Good job Mamma. Your kids will understand someday about not buying everything they want.

Urban Parks said...

It seems to me that we heard those same comments from our own children not that many years ago. Of course we didn't have video games (pong barely counts) or WalMart. Pretty much everything else was a go and I could probably add a few more, but don't want to open old wounds.

PS - girls will take care of the personal hygiene. Until them expect to live with slugs.

denverallens said...

good! We'll make sure to let them do all those things at our house so they know we're the bestest cousins around!

curlygirl said...

So does that mean next time I buy the boys gift cards to Walmart, I should give them directly to you? :)