The Dinosaurs are Back!

The Dinos are Back! And they've gone on a rampage!

This poor Snowman didn't even have a chance.
No legs. Not enough snow left after their creation.
He couldn't get away fast enough!

Hopefully the Dino doesn't find your neighborhood.
I'd keep your eyes peeled.


Lonita said...

Love it! We have way more snow, but I haven't seen anything this cool around our neighborhood!

sally said...

That is so cool. We don't have any snow up here. I'd like some more so we can get some more snow angels made, Bonnie just learned about them.

Petit Elefant said...

This is funny, especially since there was a random lesson in sunday school about how dinosaurs were made up, or something like that.

Donna said...

boy, I always miss the interesting lessons while trying to chase the 4-yr-olds